A 35mm slide dimensions are as shown in the picture above. It’s advisable to scan slides at 3000 DPI (In fact it’s SPI) so that the resulting image will have a 10 megapixels (“MP”) resolution. See the numerical example in the FAQ section to understand resolution. This gives a good print up to 13″ x 9″.

We take a lot of care in mold and dust removal. It’s very critical not to swipe the slides with a rough cloth. Special cloth is used for this purpose. Also, film cleaner liquids are used in extreme cases. Even after cleaning, if the scans are not up to mark restoration might be the only answer.

Every slide has a mark, logo, or instruction printed on one side. This side of the slide is what the scanner should break down into pixels.

We have a professional team that is adept at color restoration techniques. The scanning hardware also comes in with in-built color restoration. In addition to this ScanJunction uses free source software to manually look into pictures and restore colors

Trying to manually scan slides might become frustrating if the right scanners are not used. It will lead to cropping issues as the entire image will not get scanned. At ScanJunction we use scanners that will scan the entire area of the slide without any cropping issues.