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Never let go of your memories!

Old photos are always in danger of fading, getting destroyed or misplaced. Digitize your memories forever. Expert services at ScanJunction. Scan photos online at an affordable price with utmost safety and security.

Be rest assured that ScanJunction treats photos with utmost care. Scanning is done using flat-bed scanners. We hate ADFs’ (automatic document feeders). At ScanJunction, we avoid the bending/tearing of photos.

Get a few sample photos free, before deciding the resolution to go ahead with.

How it Works?

Estimate no. of Photos

Obtain an estimated count of photos to be scanned. Minimum of 100 photos. The base fee is  ₹2 per photo at 300 dpi.

Order Now - Pay Later

Fill out the order form with calculations and order.

Ship Photos

Pack your photos carefully in a box and ship the box to our warehouse or we can pickup/drop your photos from within Bengaluru. Upon intimation we will receive and scan them.

We Scan

While you relax, we scan and send sample photos. After your approval we will continue completing the scanning and send them back to you.

You Check and Pay

You check the scanned photos and pay.


Right from day 1 there was excellent customer service! I can confidently say that it stayed that way until the end of the job! In a time when most organisations have forgotten what it is to serve customers, this came as a huge relief. Work done was as agreed and on time.

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Jennifer David