• more information on postcard size photos (6 x 4-inch photos) is here
  • get free samples to view in different screen sizes and select the best-suited resolution
  • photo negative scanning is a process of converting the 35mm negatives and slides to images like jpg, png, tiff, etc.
  • free 16 GB pen-drive for orders worth above INR 5000/-
  • 18% GST is applicable
Type/Resolution300 dpi600 dpi1200 dpi2400 dpi
Films and Slides₹4₹6₹12₹16
Photos (around Postcard Size or Less)₹2₹4₹8₹12

Add ₹2 per photo if the photos are placed in albums as it reduces the scanning speed.

VHS/Mini Divi/Divi to MP4300
Audio Cassette150
Misc.Album HandlingPen-drive (16 GB)Cloud Storage / GB